Frequently Asked Questions

We at Curves 8 understand you might have a number of questions. So we’ve gone ahead and provided answers here. If you can’t find the answers for what you are looking for here then feel free to email us on, we will be delighted to hear from you.


Please note all our prices are in United States Dollars.

How do I know which size do to buy?

Please use our Waist Trainer size chart as an estimated guide to start. Sometimes you are in-between sizes, our advice is that going up to the larger size is more ideally than smaller. Most waist trainers have 3-size notches that you can progress as you get more advanced into as you train your waist smaller and smaller. At Curves 8 we don’t advise getting the smaller size and then planning to you can train your waist into that size at first.

What if my waist trainer feels too tight?

All waist trainers are meant to be tight, if it doesn’t pull tight on your waist you won’t see results. We suggest that you have someone to assist you in getting in your waist trainer since it can be a tedious job at the beginning. The waist trainer will be tight at initial stages of wearing it and will start to shape your waist and endurance along with strengthening your core. After worn daily on a regular basis you will notice it will become more comfortable as it shapes your waist.

How long should I wear my waist trainer for per day?

Ideally we suggest starting with wearing your waist trainer at a minimum of 8 hours a day and gradually increasing that 8-12 hours per day for ideal results. Ideally for more advance users you can wear the waist trainers for 8-12hours twice a day.

Can I work out in my waist trainer?

Yes, you can work out with all our waist trainer. However, we have certain waist trainers that are tailored more for fitness giving you extra support and help working up more swear and flexibility. At Curves 8 we highly recommend that you work out with your waist trainers since it will support your posture and core during workouts.

Ideally all core trainers can be used for active use, however we recommend our special Fitness Waist Trainer for use at the gym, or CrossFit classes.

What benefits do waist trainers have?

Here are some of the benefits with our Waist Trainers:

i) Shapes your tummy (waist)

ii) Reduces waist size when worn (testimonies where clients have lost up to 4-10inchs on their waist)

iii) Posture Improvement

iv) Major benefit for postpartum, and helps get the stomach back in pre – pregnancy / pre surgery size

v) Increases thermal activity and perspiration

Are waist trainers safe?

Let us clear your doubts, Curves 8 waist trainers are not like the old fashioned corset that are pulled and tied at from your back which are super tight and made from non-stretchable fabrics. Our waist trainers are great and have enough stretch on them. They are used to strengthen your core and designed to correct your posture. It’s made from high grade fabric that is stretchable and comfortable, but at the same time tight for compression.

Following our Curves 8 diet coach which can be bought online where a dietician consults you once a week over video chat and answers all your questions, and assist you with maintain a healthy lifestyle you will get the best out of your waist trainer.

US Surgeon Dr. Alexander Sinclair has also endorsed waist trainers and recommends it to his client with a healthy eating plan.

Can I sleep in a waist trainer?

Yes you can sleep in most of our Curves 8 Waist, but we recommend using our curves8 sleep waist trainer which is made from a nanopress fabric that is more comfortable while sleeping and the Waist Trainer as it assist in maintaining a balanced posture while sleeping. This is ideal as your body will continue to train it’s waist even while sleeping.

Will the waist training help with my post pregnancy tummy and body ?

Of course it will.

This is the most effective for post pregnancy. During pregnancy you gain the most weight caused by water retention. The Waist Trainers thermal effect helps the body release more sweat and activate the thermogenesis in the body and get rid of excessive fats and fluids. This is best used with our Curves 8 Lipo Gel and for all those harsh stretch marks use the Curves 8 Stretch Mark Cream. A perfect way to help with the postpartum healing process.

Yet we suggest that if you have any doubts you can check with your health care professional as each individual recovery and case may be different. Most of the above are based on normal delivery and used after 7-10days of delivery. However, if you have given birth by C-section it may be advisable to wait for 2-3week before you start training your waist.

When will I receive my order?

*$9.99 for all orders across United States & Canada (3-8 Working Days)

*$19.99 for all orders across United States & Canada (Express Shipping 1-2 Working Days)

*$19.99 for all orders outside of United States & Canada (Depends on Country approximately 3-8 Working Days)

Along with the above delivery date, at Curves 8 there is a minimum ordering processing time for 1-2 working days, in addition to the shipping times.

NOTE: Delivery Time may vary depending on time of order placed most orders at Curves 8 have an cut off time EST of 12pm.

At Curves 8 we understand at times you may run out of your Lipo Gel or need the products urgently. So feel free to reach out on for any special arrangements or request.

Can I exchange the size?

Sizes can be exchanged if the trainer has not been worn or the wrong size provided. We will be more than happy to help you out, by sending an email on

Can I get a refund?

Please note that we can assist with exchange provided the product hasn’t been worn, however we do not process any refunds. All sales are final.