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Curves8 Instant Slimming Lipo Gel Cream extreme supports and helps with your battle with cellulite or to assist in your slimming with stubborn fat that doesn't go away easily. The Slimming Gel lets instant lipo gel help reshapes your figure and prevents new fat deposits. Curves8 Instant Slimming Gel restores the skin’s firmness.

Instant Lipo Gel or Slimming Gel fights unwanted fat on the abdomen, hips thighs and buttocks and skin, also this eliminates the appearance of cellulite and burns away all the unwanted fat cells. This botanical slimming best lipo gel can be easily absorbed into the skin. The ingredients will start to dilate blood vessels and assist in breaking down all the fat cells in result be left with more supple and toned skin.

Massage Gel: Massage gel can be used through general massage of the targeted fatty and cellulite areas, in other words, the problem area. The Slimming Gel is effective when used on cellulite and fatty areas. It is designed to address fat in problematic areas such as the flank, thighs, arms, and tummy. Its special formula helps penetrates the epidermis, causing a heating effect. It is recommended to use twice daily.

Natural Ingredients: The Instant Slimming Gel is derived from a unique formula that helps in burning fats and speeds up the metabolism and slimming process. It also is effective to minimize the appearance of slackened skin due to weight gain and aging. This product is made in the USA.