Results can you expect from Waist Training


Are you willing to slim down your belly? Are exercise and balanced diet not enough for you to achieve the perfect body shape near the stomach area? Are you interested in adding waist training to your daily routine?

Waist training is not a new term to the society. It is an oldest mechanism on our planet that helps women in losing belly fat to a great extent up to 3-4 inches. Your favorite celebrities like Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian, and Kate Winslet etc are using it to maintain their body fitness and figure. Their Instagram wall is framed with the waist trainer post.

But, still people have confusion regarding it. Most women are eager to know the results associated with the use of waist trainer suit. No worries, today you will get all your answers in this blog post.

Results you can expect from waist training: -


Slim Belly

Waist training is a quiet popular program among women for dreaming of slim belly. It can help you reduce the stomach fat layer up to 3-4 inches from the waist line.

An increase in belly fat after pregnancy is a common scenario with most of the women. Curves8 waist trainer suit remarkably helps women in losing the extra stomach fat. It lets you maintain a good posture during workout that effectively targets the right area and promotes fat redistribution. 

Posture correction

The second good benefit of waist trainer is posture correction. Our daily sitting job, sleeping disposition and other activities puts pressure to the spinal cord. It results into posture imbalance. With waist trainer, you can correct your back posture. The waist training suit packs your middle core part and allows good posture during sitting, exercise, job, etc. Your body back will get much needed support to maintain a good and healthy body.

Fat redistribution

An hour glass figure is a dream of every women living on this planet. With waist training, you can expect to reach your goals easily. The design of curevs8 waist trainer suit promotes good body posture. It helps in balancing mass redistribution in both upper and lower body part making the belly slim.

Waist training is necessary for women today to keep themselves fit and fine in this busy lifestyle. The effects and results of waist training vary depending on the usage, diet, and exercise. It is recommended to  wear curves8 waist trainer for up to 8-10 hrs/day and add-on some core exercises for faster and effective results.

Best Natural Products for Breast Enhancement and Growth


Are you looking to enhance your breast size? Have you tried too many products but no results? Do you
want result-driven and natural breast enhancement products that actually work without surgery?
38% of women in the USA desire to have larger and firmer breasts. They found themselves low confident
than women having large and big breasts. But, undergoing surgery is not a good choice considering the
risks associated with it.

So, it is better to look for a natural alternative to promote your breast growth. Curves8 has designed the
natural breast enhancement products that magically promote breast growth from the first week.

Curves8 Breast Enhancement Tea
Curves8 breast enhancement tea is a natural herbal tea formula made of powerful fruits, herbs, and
spices that help you grow your breast and make bust line firm. It has no sugar content and harmful
chemical composition. Breast enhancement tea has no side-effects. Its smell and good taste will make
you refreshing. Mix with honey to enhance the taste.

The Curves8 Bust tea helps cramps, PMS and irregular cycles as well as many other health benefits. This
formulation of herbs is an ancient composition used by wives of sultans, kings, and other rulers.
Consume 2 cups each day and with regular usage, you will start experiencing results from the first month.

Curves8 Breast Plumper
Curves8 Breast Plumper also known as Breast Enhancement Cream and Curves8 Breast Tea together
work fabulously. The bust tea charges the internal mechanism of the body while Curves8 Breast Plumper
buttercream massage on the breast improves the blood circulation in the breast area that makes the
breast firm and enhances the size.
Curves8 breast enhancement massage cream is made of natural herbs and cocoa butter having good
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results, preferably in the morning and before bed.

Benefits of Waist Trainers


                                                               Benefits of Waist Trainers


A perfect body figure is a dream of every woman on the earth. But, it is quite challenging to achieve and maintain ideal curves in this busy work-life schedule. Waist training is one of the trending tools that helps you correct body posture near the stomach area at the same time helps in weight loss with less effort. Even, celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan and many more use it to maintain an ideal waist and maintain perfect and hot posture.


So, let’s understand what is waist training?

Waist training is a process of reducing your natural waist size and accentuating curves with the aid of waist trainer a bit like a safer version of a tight-laced corset. These garments are meant to give the wearer an exaggerated hourglass figure, which is a tiny waist and curves over the hips.


Benefits of Waist Trainers


Hour Glass Figure


The hourglass figure is considered as an ideal figure among women. The regular use of waist trainers for a longer time period during the home, office, job, and gym activities promotes a good body posture. It cinches your waist and accentuates the bust line and hips.


Weight Control


You cannot consume much food wearing a waist trainer all the time. It will help you restrict your food diet for promoting weight loss. Alongside, waist cinchers redistribute the fat in the trunk for posture correction. It also helps in a safe and effortless weight loss over time. Ideally, with the use of the Curves8 Slimming Gel, you can easily drop inches from the belly without much effort.


Enhanced Workout


Waist training is a must-have product for those who wish to have a tight and strong core. It enhances your thermal activity and perspiration of the middle area. Its compression helps you have a more effective work out to achieve a flat belly, small waist, and ideal curves.


Posture Correction


The waist corset restricts you from slouching. It helps you maintain a good body posture while doing daily life activities and offer support to the back. An improved body posture will boost your confidence and wellbeing.


Boon to New Moms


During pregnancy, women need to go through numerous body changes. One of the changes is natural waist size and firm abs. achieving a natural waist size after pregnancy is a tough task. But, it is easier with waist training corset. The waist trainer promotes natural body posture that you lost during pregnancy and helps tone and reduce flab from the mid-section. It is a highly recommended product for women post-pregnancy. It is perfect for postpartum symptoms and helps you redistribute fat for a perfect waist shape.





Rediscover Your Curves with Detox Tea


Rediscover your curves with detox tea

We are living in a fast-paced world where life is hectic and monotonous. Fast, packaged and processed foods are increasingly being consumed inviting a variety of health conditions. Women are more prone to such issues since they work both at home and outside; they literally have no time to take care of themselves. However, women are also very keen to maintain their shape and stay healthy; they try various exercises and change diets yet end up with negligible or no results. Why do you think this is so? The reason is obvious, each individual is unique, so are results. If you are one among them, this article is for you!

So, is there no solution to attain good health and shape? There certainly is! DETOX TEA!! Yes, you read it right. Top-quality detox tea can benefit you in several ways; read through to know more.

Increases metabolism

Metabolism is all about breaking down of fat and food in your body. If you have a high metabolism, it is easy to lose weight but if your metabolism is low, you might find it hard to shed weight.  This is where detox tea helps. Peppermint leaves and fenugreek seeds, the chief ingredients used in this wonder tea aid digestion and speed up your metabolism, enabling you to lose weight at a rapid pace, in a safe way.

Enables you to shed pounds naturally

Made from fruit and vegetable extracts, detox tea is completely natural. The product is superior to several weight loss pills and so-called magic foods that promise quick results. This also makes a great option for those that are very choosy about fruits and vegetables.

Burns extra fat in your tummy

Fat loves your tummy. Yes, most of the extra fat is stored in this area which we know is embarrassing. A flat tummy is every woman’s dream and with the detox tea, shedding the extra fat in the tummy is like a walk in the park. The Burdock root in the tea breaks down the adamant fat and lets you attain a shape you longed for. The product also contains liquorice root, which has flavonoids that aid in shedding unwanted fat from the body.

Nurture your body with this incredible drink, lose those extra calories and let your curves define you!

Lose pounds without exercising

A detox tea does its job right. So, you need not do rigorous exercises. Just take a stroll or do some light workouts if you would love to but you need not push your body beyond limits to get your dream curves. Detox tea removes extra fat from all corners of your body, making you slim and beautiful.

For better and quick results, you can use lipo gel and waist trainers along with detox tea. While a waist trainer can help you get a flat stomach and enhance your look, lipo gel burns fat naturally by reducing cellulite and fat deposits.

At Curves 8, we have top grade detox tea made from natural, anti-obese ingredients. We also have effective waist trainers and quality lipo gels that can truly transform your body.




Intro To Waist Trainers!


Why use a Waist Trainer?

Unlike old school corsets, waist trainers have changed recently. Now days the waist trainers come in a much more flexible construction at the same time serving the purpose.

Ideally waist trainers or as people may call it waist clinchers are great for people who want to reduce inches from their waist and get rid of the stubborn fat. One thing you need to remember is that the hourglass figure is marked as one of the moest hotest figures in the body, such as the Kim Kardashians look. In fact the celebrity endorses waist trainers as well.

Secondly it helps improve posture and supports bustline. Many people may not be awear but by using a trainer on a regular basis improves posture and in turn boost confidence. Keeping a upright position is perfect and avoids long term back issues. Having a perfect up-right figure also boost confidence.

Most of all this is a saviour when it comes to recovery post pregnancy. Waist trainers help get you back up and running. They are recommened by numerious doctors and studies have showed it is most benifital for postpartum issues.

Check out our products


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